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Space Supernova

Coaching Projects

Writing your story is truly that - it's your story. Stories have all sorts of genres - science fiction, fantasy, historical, time-traveling techno-zombie romance from parallel dimensions.
It's time to work on yours - here are some of the ways that I have helped others:

Shooting Star
Woman with Bible

Christian Coaching

Whether you are looking to deepen your Christian walk, recover from church wounds, or incorporate faith into your other goals, I am a pastorally trained counselor and coach and love to help people come into touch with their divine purpose. This includes walking with people who are in the reconstruction phase of their spiritual walk.

Rocky Stream

HSP Coaching

Highly Sensitive People (HSP) account for 15-20% of the population and are often categorized by the acronym DOES: Deep Processors, Overstimulated, Empathetic, and Sensitive.  Coaching for HSPs help people to find their strengths and manage the overwhelm that they experience daily.

Lazy Morning

Ministerial Burnout

The fishbowl of ministry - everyone sees you and you have to constantly be "on stage." But what do you do with your emotions? Who do you lean on for support? What happens when you struggle just to show up? Let me help you rekindle your passion, find your supports, and help you continue to walk your calling. 

Color Bombs

ADHD Coaching

ADHD - beyond a diagnosis - requires adjustment to your life. ADHD coaching will take the strengths that your different way of thinking/processing and use these to overcome your limitations and find ways to accomplish your life goals.

Kneeling Astronaut

Geek Coaching

No matter your house, guild, clan - or if you live long and prosper, or come from a Galaxy far away - Geek therapy is for you. With fun and interactive methods, we use fandoms and parasocial relationships to help you accomplish your life goals.  
So Say We All
Building Blocks

Custom Coaching

Don't see something that fits what you're looking for? Schedule a consult and let's see if we can find a way to help you make your own process. Own your own life and let's create your story together!
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