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Broken Trunk

Meet Matthew

The Misfit Coach

Neurodivergent / Neurospicy! ADHD. HSP. INFJ. Enneagram 4w5. Spiritual, but not religious. I'm the piece that never fits. 


And this is the story of my life. Growing up as an angry child of divorced parents, I found myself on the outside of so many groups. At one point, I had contemplated ending things, but at a crucial moment, I heard that there was a "purpose and a plan" for my life. It was years later when I went to a church service and heard the scripture of Jeremiah 29:11.

Dedicated to God, I went to college to become a pastor. After working 4 years to do this, I was told that I had the "wrong personality" to be a pastor and was urged to find other employment. I tried technology but still wanted to be able to help people. So I tried teaching, only to hit more obstacles. But during a continuing education seminar, I was drinking coffee, checking my phone, reading a book, and taking notes on the session (ironic, huh?) and it hit me that I really understood these kiddos. That was when I switched from theology to counseling. 

And yet God continues to refine my career, as a counselor, I'm finding more areas of passion that all go back to that first moment - my heartfelt belief that we ALL have PURPOSE and a PLAN for our lives. 

For now, I work on my practice, spend time with my family, and pursue my hobbies of woodworking, gardening, and music (playing cello and guitar, and singing very badly).

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