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The Confident Misfit

Helping those with ADHD, High Sensitivity, and Neurodivergence find their divine purpose and unleash their creative gifts.

Meet Matthew

Counselor. Coach. Author.

I've spent way too long wasting time trying to figure out where I belong. When I finally stopped and listened to the expert on myself (hint: it was me), I realized that I am exactly who I need to be in this moment. I haven't "belonged" because I keep trying to be like others.

That has become my goal - to bring other misfits with me on this adventure, not to change them - but to help them change their perspectives - to find their strengths, to overcome their obstacles, and to achieve their goals. 


Are you ready to go on an adventure? 

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Set your goal.
Find your strengths.

Overcome your obstacles! 

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Healing from past hurts; connecting with others; growing healthily

(Ohio only)

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