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Meet Matthew

Counselor  | Coach | Speaker | Author

help "misfits" find their voices and grow into their divine purpose: helping them overcome the limited beliefs that others have put on them. Many times these were put there by others, but we've adopted them as our own. It's time to shake those loose and take charge of our own story!

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You're Finally Awake?

(yeah, we're doing this)


So you wake up in a wagon cart - feeling groggy and blurry - and totally unprepared for what's ahead. There could be a civil war, an overzealous headsman, or even dragons ... but it doesn't even matter, because you've got nothing left. 

Most people who get here have something in common:

You are unhappy, unsatisfied, overwhelmed, sad, anxious, and/or grieving. 

You've probably have tried remedies just to make the pain stop: 

  • Numbing / Avoiding with games, fantasies, or substance use

  • Talking with friends, well-meaning clergy, or strangers on the internet

  • Losing themselves in work and have let other facets of their life lax

  • Shutting themselves away, convinced that everyone is bad

  • Getting stuck in a constant pattern of complaining without changing

And still, you feel lost - like you have no purpose.

"I'm a side character in my own dang story"

I've been there: invalidated by people whom I thought cared for me, lost in my own overwhelmed ADHD / sensitive brain, and working and living a completely unbalanced life. 

That was the problem:

I was letting everyone else write my story for me.

When I finally realized some truths, I was able to move forward with my story.

1) I am in the universe for a divine purpose

2) I have control over the things I can control

3) When I see myself as a whole person, I create ways to find freedom

4) If I focus on what I can control, I can write my story

As a therapist and as a coach, this is the framework I use for all my clients.

It's time for you to start writing your story.

But I also know it's not easy. If you're just waking up, the headsman, the guards, and the dragon can be overwhelming. This is where I come in; I can walk with you through each step using the same basic principles:

  • Raising awareness of YOUR skills 

  • Learning that mind, body, and spirit all are part of YOUR personhood

  • Keeping you accountable to YOUR goals

  • Teaching or practicing the skills you need to do things YOUR way

Notice the trend? This is YOUR story, not mine. I'm the side character in your story as you start to own it. what do I bring?

  • Mentorship - I can give you principles that can be helpful 

  • Accountability - we work to find things that you can do and then keep those in check

  • Gamification - life isn't all serious. We need to have fun - and we can use fun to find ways to reach increasing goals

  • Openness - with this journey, you bring your faith, your values, and your goals - you're free to change them if they're in your way, but that's your choice.

Are you ready to find out more?

See the inn on the other side? Jump through the roof and keep going! 

How Do I Help?



I provide counseling at Covenant Family Wellness, LLC for residents of Ohio and Florida - all via teletherapy. During these sessions, we give you a safe place to heal in order to find the source of the blocks that are keeping you from your divine purpose.



I help neurodivergent people who feel like they don't belong anywhere ("Misfits") find and develop their unique strengths, develop a balanced and holistic life, and achieve their life purpose.


Support Services

Regardless of where you are on the path, I try to provide valuable services for my clients (coaching and counseling). These include speaking services, courses, a podcast, books, and more!

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Still Not

Yeah, this whole process can totally be daunting. When in doubt, schedule a consultation and we'll chat and see what the best route is. My goal will not be to steer you one direction or the other, but simply to find the best path.

The biggest caveat in this is that once you pick a path, we need to stick with it. I wanted to say this to avoid any "bait and switch" worries. Ethically, if we start with coaching and find that some things are deeper and require therapy, we will work to refer to you to a professional in your area.


Let's Change Your Story

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